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Doina has always been inspired by painting and the arts, being at the same time drawn to the sciences. She chose an engineering education which she completed with a master's degree.

Starting with 2014 she could allocate time to her old passion, the arts. A number of painting and drawing classes and workshops at the Cummings Centre, École des Beaux-arts de Montréal, helped her to fully immerse in this beautiful world of colors.

She gets inspired in her paintings by daily life, a beautiful sunset, interesting shapes, old memories, nature’s beauty and she is using colors as tools to bring her emotions to canvas. Doina currently uses acrylics and mixed media, and her style has evolved from figurative to abstract over the years. She enjoys experimenting, working with textures and playing with layers of paints and materials until the paint "speaks" to her. Colors, shapes and texture are very important in her artistic approach, as she uses them to explore and translate her emotions into visual expressions. She is a member of the "Artists Circle West Island", Kirkland Artists Association and Women’s Art Society Montreal. She has participated in more than 50 exhibitions, three solo exhibitions, group exhibitions with associations and various organizations, exhibitions at the Gallery Gora, Galerie Ambigu, Galerie Lenoir, Galerie Valmi, CAMAC.

Her paintings are found in private collections in Canada and Europe.

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