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About me

Doina Bundaru is interested in arts from an early age, and some of her drawings were selected for group exhibitions while in school. However, she followed a different career path in engineering. A few years ago she renewed with her old passion, taking art classes and workshops to continue to improve her skills.

She is grateful to her aunt, artist and art teacher Zamfira Barbu Galan who lives in Bucharest, for her encouragement for all these years.

She gets inspired in her paintings by daily life, a beautiful sunset, interesting shapes, old memories, nature’s beauty, and she is using colors as tools to bring her emotions to canvas.

She paints mostly in acrylics in an impressionistic style and she is headed more and more into abstract. In the process of painting, she enjoys applying textures, playing with layers of colors and mediums until the painting ‘comes to life’. She likes the open dialogue between the piece of art and the beholder, the many interpretations one piece of art can generate.

She is a member of the Kirkland Artists Association, Artists Circle West Island and Women’s Art Society Montreal. She participated in over twenty group art exhibitions and her paintings are found in private collections in Canada and Europe.

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